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How long does it take to get my account verified on VirtualStaff.ph?

ID verification

The ID verification takes up to 72 hours to be approved and shown as verified inside your account. 

While you’re waiting for your account to become verified, you can still post jobs and get applicants for your job posts.

You need to be fully verified with both ID and Payment verification before you can message, interview, send job offers, and hire staff.

Why do we require ID verification?

To make the Virtual Staff marketplace as safe as possible, we require employers and jobseekers (workers) to submit ID verification.

All ID verification is checked by “real humans.” This allows us to ensure the safety and integrity of our platform for all parties involved. 

Payment method verification

This usually takes up to 72 hours, and our third-party payment processor does it. Don’t worry. There is no charge on your account during the verification process.

Why do we require payment verification?

This is to give confidence to the jobseekers and workers on our marketplace that all employers hiring them have the means to pay them their salary.

As you can imagine, the workers trust VirtualStaff to ensure that only honest and reputable people hire our platform.

We can ensure trust by having employers verify their ID and payment method before sending a job offer and hiring staff.


How do you know when your account is verified?

Once your account is verified, you’ll receive a notification from us inside your VirtualStaff account and by email.

You can also check your account verification status by clicking on the “Edit Account” button under “Others” on the left side of your employer dashboard.