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How Can I Add Manual Time in My Work Log?

Each hired jobseekers is required to have the VirtualStaff time tracker tool turned on, from which the hours automatically logged (Automatic Time) will be used to compute for the total salary.


Employers can have the worker add a manual time log as well.
(Note: Employer need to turn on the setting first of letting their staff able to add manual time logs)

Viewing your work log

  1. On the Dashboard, click “My Jobs & Employers” then proceed to “Work Log”
  2. Find the related employer to the specific Work Log you want to view then click the “Work Log” button under the Action column.


Adding manual time

  1. On the main page of the specific Work Log you’re viewing, at the bottom of the page is the section where you will set the details about the manual time you'll be about to log.
  2. Choose the date you want to add a manual time log.
  3. Then set the duration of the manual time log by selecting the Start Time and End Time.
  4. Provide remarks afterwards so you can input the reason why you’ll be adding the manual time log
  5. To finalise, click “Add Your Manual Time” button.