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How Much Does VirtualStaff Protection Cost, and How Do I Sign Up?

VirtualStaff Protection is an affordable and essential add-on service that provides an extra layer of protection for your business.

For only $79.99 per month per staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is safe from any potential risk.

Signing up for VirtualStaff Protection is quick and easy.
Simply log in to your employer dashboard on VirtualStaff.ph and click on the “click to upgrade” button under the “Employer Protection” column next to the staff name.

Once you upgrade, you will have access to all the peace of mind that comes with VirtualStaff Protection.
Here’s how to add VirtualStaff Protection:

1.) Click to "Click to Upgrade" hyperlink on the specific hired staff you want to be under the VirtualStaff Protection.


2.) You will be redirected to the VirtualStaff Protection Overview Page. On the bottom part of the page, you'll click the "I want protection" button.

3.) You will be shown the Contractor Agreement, dynamically filled-in ready to send to your hired staff to sign. To proceed, click "Send Contract"

4.) A notification will be sent to your hired staff for them to sign.

5.) Once the hired staff have signed the contract you have requested to sign, the status will change to "waiting for payment". Click the link "Click to Pay" to finalise.

6.) You will be redirected in the Checkout Page. Once you're done providing the details required, you can activate and purchase already the monthly VirtualStaff Protect


7.) Finally, back in the dashboard, you will see that the VirtualStaff Protection is already activated by updated status to "Protected" on that specific hired staff.