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How Soon Can I Receive My Salary?

In making VirtualStaff.ph the safest place to get an online job in the Philippines, we have partnered with Stripe for processing salaries.

Stripe is one of the world’s popular and well-known payment processing platforms and to ensure the safety and security of your salary, we are following its guidelines and policies.

If it's your first payout in your VirtualStaff Stripe account, it generally takes 7 business days to deposit in the bank account details you saved in VirtualStaff.

This period is necessary to mitigate risks and we nor Stripe cannot speed this up for you.

When your chosen bank receives the funds for your salary, it will most likely deposit it immediately to your account. On some occasions, some banks may take an additional 2-3 business days for them to process it. It's also worth noting that the payout sent from Stripe to your bank during weekends or holidays won't be accepted by your bank until the next business day.

Rest assured, after your first salary payout, future salaries would be processed shortly and would generally just take 1-3 business days.