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What Happens If My Employer Does Not Pay Me?

Employers that are not able to fulfill their responsibility of paying the hours worked by staff they hired through VirtualStaff is a serious breach of our Users’ Terms and Conditions of the platform.

Before sending an email complaint to support team, please be guided with the following:

  • You should be aware that our billing cycle is Monday to Sunday. Realistically your employer will be able to pay for your salary the next Monday of the working week that you have in concern.
  • Normally, you’ll get your salary latest would be Thursday-Friday the following week after your working week. 
  • Kindly don’t expect your salary to be released right after you’re done with your shift for the whole week.
  • Make sure to communicate first to your employer as it might be a simple misunderstanding. 

After careful considerations on the things stated above and if it is already a full week after you provided work to an employer and you still haven’t got paid, here are the steps if an employer is not able to pay you.

Contacting our support team

  1. Create an email that details the work you’ve provided the employer in question.
  2. Preferably provide the following to help facilitate the investigation our support team will do:
    • Screenshots of your correspondence with the employer that shows you’re coordinating with him for work
    • Screenshot of your Work Log in VirtualStaff under that employer
    • Screenshot of the Job Offer you accepted with that particular employer.
  3. Send the email you’ve prepared to support@virtualstaff.ph

Note: Please allow our support team at least 24-48hrs to reply.