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How Do I Record My Voice Introduction

NOTE: Adding a voice introduction to your profile is completely optional.

Make a good first impression on potential employers by uploading a short voice recording of yourself. In that way

Creating the audio file

  1. On your desktop or mobile phone, use any voice recording app or tool and start creating a voice recording.
  2. Make sure the audio format of your voice recording is .mp3

To upload a voice recording

  1. Once you already have the .mp3 file, go to the Dashboard, click “Settings & Others” then proceed to “Edit Profile”
  2. Go to the English Fluence section and click the Edit icon (the pen)
  3. Under the Upload Your File section, click the “Choose File” button then choose the .mp3 file you have prepared.
  4. To finalize, click the “Save and Update” button.

Tips for an engaging and informative voice recording

  1. The length of the record should optimally be 15-30 seconds
  2. The main goal of the recording should be to introduce yourself briefly while making sure to include all the key information you want the employer to know, so it best To Talk about the following:

Name and age
Your preferred work roles
Your skills
Working experience