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How to Prove That I Was Working?

Designed to protect and reassure both you and your employer, your Work Log keeps tabs on both your automatic time logs and manual time logs. It also randomly takes and stores screenshots of your work screen throughout the duration when your VirtualStaff Desktop App timer is on. 

Please note, that it will only be your employer who can see your work log from the time tracker app you use when you work to record your working hours.


To log your time:

  1. Install the VirtualStaff Time Tracking App in your work unit device.
  2. Once installed, run the app and log-in using your VirtualStaff account.
  3. After logging in, choose the specific Employer and simply click  “Start Time” to get the timer started.
  4. By starting the timer, it will provide and tally the time under your Automatic Time and also randomly take screenshots all throughout the timer is active.

Please note: 

  • As of June 2024 for MacOS users: Our time tracker is currently optimized for Apple M series processors and is not compatible with Intel-based Macs and MacBooks.