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How Do You Know When You Get Hired

Being hired in VirtualStaff is as easy as accepting a Friend Request on Facebook.
Once you accept a job offer, you will receive an email confirmation that you’re finally hired.

Receiving a job offer
When an employer sends you a job offer, you will be notified in multiple ways.

  • Email Notification. You receive an email notification from us about an employer that has sent you a job offer. Inside the email, you can click a link where it will redirect you to the specific Job Offer page.
  • Dashboard. You will also receive as well a notification inside your dashboard and in the Job Offer section of your dashboard, you will see a new entry.


Accepting a job offer:

  1. On the list of your received job offers, open the job offer sent by the employer. Review all the details provided carefully and ensure you are agreeable to the job terms and conditions.
  2. If you’re good to proceed to get hired, simply click the "Accept Job Offer" button.


  3. Once you accept the job offer, you can click Message Employer as well to inform him you’ve already accepted it.

Accepting a job offer will send out emails both to you and the employer. You will receive an email confirmation about how you have been hired already. For the employer, he will also receive an email about you accepting the job offer sent.