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How Do You Apply for Jobs?

Applying for a job starts with searching through job posts.

VirtualStaff is full of verified employers that are either actively looking for talents to hire or creating new job posts you can apply for.

How to search for a job (1st method - searching)

  1. Make sure you are logged in, then visit your Dashboard
  2. On your Dashboard, simply type in the job you’re looking for on the search bar.
  3. You will be shown all related job posts based on the keyword you used. You can also use the Filter By function to better customize the search results.


How to search for a job (2nd method - browsing)

  1. On your Dashboard, on the left sidebar menu, click “Search Jobs”.
  2. Then proceed by clicking “Find Jobs”
  3. You will be redirected to where you can browse so far the job posts that have been created. You can only type a job position in the search bar and can also use the filter options on the left side.
    • By default, the job posts shown will be listed in descending order, with the most recent on top.

Either of those methods, you’ll be able to browse and view the job posts you are interested in applying to.
If you already want to proceed in applying:

How to apply for a job

  1. On the job post you are interested in, simply click the “Apply For Job” button.

Key things to note:

  1. The employer of that job post will be notified and will reach out to you over chat, send you an interview schedule or send you a job offer.
  2. You can also save a job you are interested in by bookmarking it. Simply click the “Bookmark Job” when you’re viewing a specific job post.
  3. All of the jobs you have sent an application to will be listed automatically in your Dashboard, under the “My Job Application” dash.