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What if I want to pay my staff benefits?

Do you want your Filipino staff to receive benefits?

Some employers and businesses want to hire staff in the Philippines and have them paid benefits such as social security, health insurance, and other such stuff.

This can, of course, be good if you’re hiring long-term staff, and you want them to feel like regular employees. 

If you’d like to do this, then you take a look at our Enterprise Solution and schedule a call with an account specialist to discuss it in more detail.


Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution is our turnkey system that helps you professionally build a team in the Philippines. This is an excellent option if you want all-inclusive pricing, legal protections, recruitment support, and your client success manager.

Whenever you onboard staff on the Enterprise Solution, those staff are onboarded through our local Philippine entity before being assigned to work for you.


This means you get the following things:

1. Expert recruitment assistance.
2. Your own client success manager
3. Legal protections
4. Compliance and payroll
5. Confidence and trust that you’re partnered with the leading Virtual Staff provider in the Philippines


The advantages for your staff include:

1. Money towards social security
2. Health insurance contribution 
3. 13th-month salary (this is a thing in the Philippines where employees get double salary in December).
4. Peace of mind

Learn more about how this works by looking at the Enterprise Solution.