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How to Pay Your Staff?

Paying your staff's salary is easy and safe in VirtualStaff. Using industry-standard and enterprise-class payment technologies, we ensure your details are safe and your staff will receive their hard-earned salary.

Decide the amount that you want to pay your staff. 

We leave that discretion to you, meaning it's up to you and your staff to finalize and agree upon the amount you'll be paying them.

Paying your staff inside VirtualStaff (Dashboard)

  1. On your team list. Find the specific staff you want to get paid and click the "Pay" button.

  2. Input the amount you want the staff to get paid and choose a reason for that payment. You have two choices: Salary or Bonus.

  1. Choose the card that you want to use to make the payment. The default card will be the one automatically chosen, but there's an option to add another card if you need to.

  2. If all is good, finish the payment by clicking the "Make Payment" button. Once clicked, your card will be billed immediately, and you will receive a receipt over your email.


Paying your staff inside VirtualStaff (Inside the chat)

  1. .Go to your Inbox

  2. Choose the "My Staff" inbox.

  3. Choose the chat thread of the staff you want to pay, then click the "Pay Staff" button.