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How to Pay Your Staff?

Paying your staff's salary is easy and safe in VirtualStaff. Using industry-standard and enterprise-class payment technologies, we make sure your details with us are safe, and your staff will receive their hard-earned salary.

You'll always get invoiced on the Monday of each week for the hours that your staff worked the previous week. The hours on the invoice are based on the hours that your staff logged inside their Virtual Staff Work Log.

Pay the salary invoice when you receive it on the Monday of each week. 

There are multiple ways to view the auto-generated weekly invoice and pay. Invoices will be automatically sent to multiple channels, so it's easy and convenient for you. Here's where we send you the salary invoices:

  • Email Notification. Once the invoice has been generated, we will automatically send you the invoice link to the email you used in your VirtualStaff account.
  • Dashboard Notification. We will also send you a notification inside your VirtualStaff Dashboard.
  • Invoice Page. We also have a dedicated page inside your employer account which lists all invoices.

Email Notification

  1. Inside your inbox, you'll receive an email from VirtualStaff regarding the invoice under the email subject "Staff salary invoice. "
  2. In that email, you will find the button that will redirect you to the invoice from where you can process the payment.


Dashboard Notification

  1. Inside your Dashboard, on the top-right menu, is the Notification button (bell icon) to receive a notification regarding your invoice.
  2. Open the notification list by clicking the Notification button. Proceed to click the specific notification about the invoice, and you will be redirected to the particular invoice concerned.

Invoice Page

  1. Inside your Dashboard, find and click the Pay Staff in the left sidebar menu. To proceed, click Salary Invoices in the dropdown.
  2. On the Salary Invoices page, you will find the list of the invoices sorted by most recent. Click the invoice you'll pay, and you'll be redirected to the actual invoice.

Paying inside the invoice

  1. Once you're inside the invoice, you want to pay, click the Pay button and provide any required details.
  2. After successfully paying the invoice, you will receive a receipt sent to your email. 
  3. Your staff will be duly notified that their salary is paid and being processed.

We will give employers at least 3 days business days upon receiving the invoice to process the payment.
Failure of paying the invoice will result to a permanent blacklisting of your current VirtualStaff.ph account and future ones you'll make.