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What is VirtualStaff Protection and How Does It Work?

If you currently hold an active subscription, the VirtualStaff Protection is already included, providing an additional layer of assurance while engaging in the hiring process on our platform.

We take your business seriously, which is why we created an enforceable Philippine Compliant Contract between our Philippines entity, you, and your staff.

This Philippine Compliant Contract ensures that you are protected by Philippine law against any form of data theft or sabotage. If you experience any such incidents, simply contact our HR department to file a claim against the staff member responsible.

With VirtualStaff Protection, you can be confident that you're taking the necessary steps to protect your business and your data.

To utilize the VirtualStaff Protection and send a contract to the staff, click on "Click to Opt-in" under the "Compliant Agreement" column next to the staff's name in your employer dashboard.