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How Do I Report an Employer?

Did you experienced any racism, homophobia or other abuse of authority such as non-payment of salary?

One of VirtualStaff’s goal is to create a safespace for employer to have a reliable and safe platform to hire and pay staff. We also appreciate your input to make VirtualStaff as safe as possible. If you experienced an unruly or suspicious activity from an employer such as sending spam messages or questionable requests, please don’t hesitate to report it to us directly.

We take every report of suspicious or inappropriate behavior seriously.

VirtualStaff is fully committed to nondiscrimination and inclusion with its workers. As an equal opportunity advocate, VirtualStaff does not support or condone any employers that unlawfully discriminate against or harass any talents, based on being a Filipino, gender, sexuality or any other personal characteristics.

To report an employer

  1. In your message inbox, choose the chat thread of the specific employer you want to remove
  2. Click the Three Dots Icon on the top right and choose “Something’s Wrong”
  3. Choose from any of the predetermined reasons and you may also provide additional information on the text box provided.