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Is VirtualStaff.ph free?

Using VirtualStaff to find jobs and applying is free. 

Once you receive a job offer and get hired, VirtualStaff will allocate a 10% platform fee based on the hourly fee of the job. The fee is used to ensure that VirtualStaff is continuously improving and upgrading to be a safe, secure and cutting-edge platform consistently.

For example: 

If you are hired for a Customer Support job at $5/hr, $0.50 will be deducted to allocate to the 10% VirtualStaff Platform Fee.

For a weekly billing period, you worked a total of 40 hours, that means your total weekly salary is $200 ($5/hr x 40hrs).

With the VirtualStaff Platform Fee accounted for, the final amount you will be receiving would be $180. ($200 - 10% of the total salary amount)