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How long does it take to get hired on VirtualStaff.ph?

Some talents can create accounts, apply for jobs, get interviewed, and be hired within days. Others, however, will require persistence, and it might take weeks to get selected for interviews.

The good news is that thousands of people get hired for part-time or full-time jobs every month through the VirtualStaff.ph marketplace. 


Top tips for getting interviews

Here are some things you can do to ensure you put yourself in the best possible position when applying for jobs on VirtualStaff.ph:

Create an excellent profile

  • Add a professional and friendly photo.
  • Add your up to date resume
  • Include all of your employment histories
  • Include all of your education histories
  • Add in a brief but effective bio. (Talk about the skills you can bring to the job if ever hired).

Apply for jobs that you’re qualified for

If you have a degree in accounting or finance and have worked as a CPA for several years, then choose to apply for jobs within this field. Don’t apply for something like graphic design. Unless, of course, you also have solid experience in that field as well.

This does not mean that you can’t apply for jobs if you have little or no experience. Some employers want to hire fresh grads or entry-level staff. 

Just remember to set your asking hourly salary rate at a lower level if you don’t have experience and work history to justify it being higher. 

Be persistent

Whenever you apply for jobs, online or offline, expect to face silence, rejection, and the occasional “No.”

The key to getting the online job you want is to persevere and treat a rejection or silence as a simple step closer to getting hired.