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How Does VirtualStaff.ph Make It Safe for Workers in the Philippines

VirtualStaff’s mission is to create a platform where Filipino workers can reliably and safely find proper and sustainable jobs online.

Part of making it a reality is to make it equally available to all qualified talents. VirtualStaff does not support or condone any employers that unlawfully discriminate against or harass any talents, based on being a Filipino, gender, sexuality or any other personal characteristics.

As such, we have created multiple mechanisms to ensure talents and workers in the platform will enjoy a respectful and fulfilling VirtualStaff experience:

Subscribed Employers
To ensure a secure and streamlined hiring process, our platform operates on a subscription-based model for employers. Employers must subscribe to a plan to be able to initiate messaging and hire staff within the platform which will also determine if they are payment verified.


Full-Suite Customer Support
VirtualStaff has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24 hours day and 5 days a week to answer any clarifications and help you solve any problems if the need arises. Part of our customer support mechanism is this page you are visiting. This page is part of our comprehensive Knowledgebase section where you can find help and useful articles to properly navigate and make the most of VirtualStaff.


Time Tracking and Monitoring
We provide workers a free time tracking tool that automatically records time when you start the timer during the duration of your work shift. It also randomly stores screenshots while you’re working for documentation. 

This is to assure workers that they will always have proof that they are working for their respective workers come time employer needs to process the payment of the salary.


Reliable Payment Processing Technology
VirtualStaff’s payment system is powered by a best-in-class payment processing technology that makes sure that the workers hard-earned salary will be properly sent to them.