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Where Can I View My Work Log?

Once you are hired, it is required that you will log in your time during work using VirtualStaff's Work Log (Time Tracker App).  All of the time logs will be automatically uploaded to your Work Log.

Before the end of your working week, we suggest that all workers hired in VirtualStaff check if all details are correct to make sure their employer's salary will be correct.

If you're looking to review and check your Work Log, you can do so by:

Viewing your work log

  1. Click "My Jobs & Employers" on the Dashboard, then proceed to "Work Log."

Find the related employer to the specific Work Log you want to view, then click the "Work Log" button under the Action column.


  • Your employer might allow you to manually add time inside Work Log instead of being on the actual automatic time tracker. Please check with your employer if they will allow it. 
  • As the worker, it is your responsibility to check that the time recorded in Work Log is correct. You must check before 11.59pm UTC on the Sunday of each week. Your employer will get an invoice to pay your salary on the Monday of each week from VirtualStaff.ph.