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How Can I Protect My Data?

VirtualStaff puts your data security in top priority.

Aside from finding ways to further secure VirtualStaff for our users. all data transmitted to and from within the platform is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology. While we maintain our platform as secure as possible, any data or files you share with your staff will be under your responsibility.

Here are some steps you can follow to protect your data:

Providing a work email
If you hire a staff through VirtualStaff, it’s best you provide them a work email. Aside from making sure that all business/work correspondence from your staff is under that email you provided, ultimately, you have full control of that email’s account and can easily revoke if needed be.

Using password managers
If you need to share login credentials to your staff, you can securely and safely do so by using a password manager. Instead of sharing the exact password, you can just share the link to the password manager and the tool will type it for the staff.

  • Popular options are DashLane and LastPass.

Online File Storage
Sharing files, may it be PDFs or Word documents will always be a staple in coordinating with a staff. To have more control in terms of how they can access it and can keep record on details such as when was the file last opened and such, it’s recommended you share files using any online file storage solutions.

  • Mainstream platforms would be Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive.


If you want a more defined and Philippine-based solution that provides you legal protection, compliance and managing your staff, you can always check our Enterprise Solution. Focus on where it matters most, working with your staff - while we take care of everything else.