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What is Work Log?

Here’s why Work Log is important:

  1. Staff record the hours that they have worked inside Work Log.
  2. The staff salary invoice you receive on the Monday of each week is for the hours your staff has recorded inside Work Log.

Of course, if the hours that your staff has recorded in Work Log is incorrect. You can amend the hours on the salary invoice before paying it.

The great thing about Work Log is that you, as the employer remain in control of whether you allow your staff to log time manually or require them to be on our auto time tracker and screen capture tool. 


How to find your staff Work Log inside your dashboard

  1. Click “MANAGE STAFF” on the left of your employer dashboard.
  2. Next, click “My Staff.” 
  3. Click the “VIEW MORE” button.
  4. Under the Staff Management section, click the “Work Log” button.


Manage staff to see the hours your virtual assistant has worked.


See Work Log in VirtualStaff.ph




Do you require your staff to use our auto time tracker?

You can choose if you want your staff to log the time they work manually or need them to log in to our auto time tracker tool.

Please note that the time tracker tool comes with screen capturing. Some staff might not like this, and we appreciate that some employers feel this can be invasive.

This is why we allow you to decide whether you require it or not. To change it, simply toggle the “Screen Capture Required” button.