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How do you know the workers are real?

We prioritize ensuring that only legitimate workers and employers can use the VirtualStaff.ph marketplace.

All talents and workers who register on VirtualStaff.ph must submit several forms of identification and undergo a process that involves “real humans” checking that the information is accurate.

Our talent/worker verification process:

  1. Philippine government-issued identification must be submitted by all talents who create an account.
  2. Workers/talents must submit a selfie with a government-issued ID.
  3. Workers must submit Philippine bank details for salary to be released. This guarantees that somebody can not “pretend” to be in the Philippines if they are not. (Remember, you must pay all staff you hire on VirtualStaff.ph within the platform).
  4. Our verification specialists (actual humans) check the identification documents and only approve them if they’re 100% certain they are accurate and correct.

In addition to our rigorous verification process, we also allow employers to report talents/workers if they feel something wrong.

Some examples might include misrepresenting themselves, assigning work to somebody else, hate speech, etc. Rest assured, If somebody violates our terms of service, our support staff will ban the user.