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How to Send a Job Offer

Sending a job offer is simple and easy. To make it secure and fair for employers and talents, we have a rule about sending job offers.

  • Talents should only receive job offers from you if they applied to the job posts you've created.

If you saw a profile that you want to send a job offer to but aren't an applicant to a job post you've created, you can send them an "Invite to Apply."

Sending an invitation to apply to your job post

  1. Make sure you have created a job post and/or have past job posts that are currently active.
  2. View any talent profiles on the Search Jobseeker page.
  3. Click the "Invite to Apply" button in a talent's profile.

  4. On the dropdown menu, select the job post you want that talent to be invited to apply for.
  5. Confirm it by clicking the "Invite" button.
    The talents you've invited to apply will be receiving both in-app notifications in VirtualStaff and also to their emails. If they proceed to apply, you can then send them job offers.


If the talent you want to hire has already applied, you can skip the process of sending an invitation to apply but straight to sending a Job Offer.

Sending a job offer

  1. On your Dashboard, click 'Applicants'.
  2. Find the profile to the talent you are interested in hiring and click the "Send Offer" button

  3. Enter the job details, including the hourly salary, work schedule, job position, and other important information.
  4. Click “Next.”
    The talent you've sent a job offer to will also be receiving both in-app notifications in VirtualStaff and also to their emails
  5. After clicking 'Next,' you will be directed to the 'Contract Options' page. Here, you can choose to opt-in with the contract provided by VirtualStaff.ph, send your own contract, or decide not to have a contract at all.
  6. You can edit as well the details on your job offer. Then once you have finalized the job offer, you can proceed to send it to the applicant you want to hire.

  7. Once you send the job offer, you will be directed to the list of job offers you sent so you can see the status of the job post. The applicant has the option to “accept” or “decline” the job offer. They might also message you from within the VirtualStaff.ph messaging system to counter-offer the salary or work schedule.