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How to Terminate Your Virtual Staff?

For whatever reason, you might have decided that the Virtual Staff or virtual assistant that you hired is not the right fit for you and your business. It's straightforward to terminate, fire, or release your Virtual Staff, and you can do it from inside your employer dashboard.

Here are the steps:

Terminate Staff Button

Step 1: We would advise you to inform the staff ahead of time as a courtesy (however, this is entirely your decision). We would also suggest as an extra security measure that if you have shared login details with your staff, that you revoke those accesses before paying the staff their final salary. 

Step 2: Click the "terminate staff" button. 



Please be aware that once you click the "terminate staff" button, the worker will no longer be able to do any more work or hours for you unless, of course, you send them a new job offer and rehire them.


If you don't click terminate staff

All Virtual Staff you hire will be auto-renewed unless you choose to terminate them. This is because VirtualStaff.ph is not a freelancer platform. Instead, it's a place where employers and businesses can find and hire part-time and full-time Virtual Staff in the Philippines that you can hire on an ongoing and long-term basis.